YEW: outside
HAU/Blankenfelde-Pankow Botanical 2018
Out of a desire to recognize and interact with non-human beings, Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot have forged a deep connection with Nature and its inherent intelligence. In January 2018, "YEW" celebrated its premiere at HAU, an experimental evening for the stage full of intense encounters with a plant nature. As part of its new work cycle "The Nature of Us", the work was adapted to an outdoor setting and performed for the first time in June 2018 in the Blankenfelde-Pankow Botanical Park under the title "YEW:outside". In this adaptation, much more than in the stage version, both artists succeeded in developing something really new, namely to artistically convey a new understanding of ecology.

By: Botanical Gardens Pankow, Beech, Clover, Echivarea, Fern, Gradinger, Oak, Moss, Mugwort, Schubot, Stinging Nettle, Yew
Sound Gardener und Co-Design: Stefan Rusconi
Costume: Claudia Hill
Artistic Collaboration: Sigal Zouk
Press & Production: björn & björn
Costume Assistance : Marcus Barros Cardoso

Production: Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot in Collaboration with Nature. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds. In cooperation with Grün Berlin GmbH, Botanischer Volkspark Pankow. In Collaboration with Nature.